Call for proposals

The Cyber Secure Light partners offer free SME-focused assistance experience and technology transfer know-how to provide wide-ranging mentoring services to support companies in enhancing their market opportunities and innovation capacities by enabling their access to IoT and lighting technologies within the Cybersecurity domain.

To this end, the project Consortium launched the selection process to individuate the innovative and market promising business pilot cooperation initiatives and technology transfer projects set out between complementary companies and companies and technology centres – potential beneficiaries of the CSL services!

What we offer:

SMEs from the selected “pilot projects” will be offered customized assistance to assess the investment readiness of the proposed business idea and its bankability, as well as the opportunity to meet potential investments and support in preparing elevator pitches and defining business agreement and IPR issues.

For companies interested in technology transfer, the consortium offers the possibility to find the most suitable technology provider and/or research centre and to define the pilot technology transfer concept, methodology and timing.

Moreover, the specific focus will be given to breeding investments and funding opportunities for all the selected pilot projects. In fact, the Cyber Secure Light services will include a screening of the most suitable EU and national funding prospects (calls for proposals) for each selected pilot project as well as the opportunity to introduce it to the private investors.

Selection process

The selection process will last until the 10th of February 2020, and it is open to all companies members of the Cyber Secure Light partners and their affiliates.

Information on the selection process and the related application documentation (Expression of Interest and guidelines) are available here.

For more information please contact directly the CSL project partners from your country.