Cyber Secure Light ESCP-S3

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The concept of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is no longer the science fiction perspective but an essential part of the reality of our everyday lives. One of the most significant examples of IoT technologies application can be observed in “smart building” systems and devices. Buildings we live and work in are getting better, smarter, and more connected. Most new facilities are equipped with network-connected products including entire IoT-enabled Building Management Systems for controlling lighting, power, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security cameras, fire safety, elevator access and much more. Lighting positions itself at the heart of Smart Buildings and at the forefront of the Internet of Things revolution. LED systems serve as a connectivity link between sensors, smart applications, artificial intelligence programming. As one of the most densely distributed elements within the built environment, lighting fixtures provide the ideal platform for gathering essential data about what is happening in the workplace or at home. Unfortunately, this evolution has also its downside linked to the digital security aspects of IoT-enabled systems. Incorporating cybersecurity into smart buildings is now a necessity. This requires a new approach that must take into account the cross-industry collaboration.

Things I Can Do

CYBER SECURE LIGHT aims to develop a Joint Cluster Partnership Strategy to pursue proactive and business-oriented cross-sector cooperation of SMEs and clusters of the IoT smart building value chain, focused on smart lighting security aspects. Consortium will adopt the interclustering approach to exploit synergies, common assets, innovation sources and financing opportunities to bring the inter-regional B2B and C2C cooperation to the next level and mobilise joint smart investment.

A Few Accomplishments

The project started on 1.10.2010.